I am an elephant, faithful 100%


Ok, so this isn’t a huge blog post, and it’s not gonna be focused on one thing like most of my other posts. To be honest, it’s mainly because last week was crazy, this upcoming week is crazy, and this weekend has been balls to the wall productive, soooooooo forgive me for not having a full post this week. I have like, 4 posts in my drafts that I could have finished, but I’m so tired¬†that I know they wouldn’t turn out the way I want them to.

So instead you’re getting a few updates and opinions!

Update- The production company that I work for, En Garde Arts, is having this amazing festival this weekend, and I’m running sound for it! It’s going to be amazing, with 9 performances along the hudson river. If you’re in or around NYC this weekend, come check it out, it’s FREE. That’s right, FREE. More info here!¬†

Opinion- There are few things more calming than laying in bed in your clean room at the end of the day. I can attest to that.

Update- I’m going to Disney World the week before Thanksgiving! Head over to my instagram and follow me to see pictures, cause there will probably be a lot of them… Also keep an eye out for a Blog Post about people’s opinions of Disney

Opinion- All jobs in NYC should have a 15 minute late window, because of the public transporation system. I’m lucky, my bosses understand, but I know others don’t. I could leave my house at 11 am for a 3 pm shift and could still be late if a train is too crowded, or late, or slow, or breaks down, or someone sneezes, WHO FREAKING KNOWS. We are all slaves to the MTA, and they know it.

Statement- I miss my cat. That is all.

Well, that’s all I have for you folks this week, here’s a funny story I stole from tumblr;


Cheers Y’all!