Meet Anika

Anika is a Theater Professional from Fort Worth, Texas, currently living in Brooklyn.

With a BA in Theatre, Gender Studies and a focus in Education, Anika considers herself a jack of all trades in the Entertainment Industry, with experience in fields such as Theatrical Design, Education, and Theatre Management. Her current passion is Directing and Producing, something she discovered through her training with the Stella Adler and Vassar Powerhouse acting companies.

After making her London producing and directorial debut in May of 2015, Anika decided to continue her dream of Directing and Producing. Now living in NYC, she has worked for Anne Hamburger’s company En Garde Arts, Rachel Kerry’s Brainmelt Consortium, The Public Theatre and New York Stage and Films Powerhouse Training Company. She is currently producing a variety show in the East Village and pursuing directing.

Anika in her audience interactive one- woman show, Smash The Glass. Photo Credit Tabatha Keaton.

After years of dedicating her life to various theatres across the world, Anika has discovered that as long as she is involved with some part of the Entertainment Industry, no matter what the job, she is content. Her personal mottos are “Growth as an actor and growth as a human as synonymous” (Stella Adler) and “I don’t care about fame, I just want to be great at what I do” (Drew Cortese).

In her spare time, Anika likes reading, trivia, photography and funny photo captions, changing from third to first person narratives and, when she has access to fire, art welding. She has also started writing again, working on a blog and a few other projects. For examples of Anika’s writing, head over to her blog, or follow the links to her old reviews from her time with the AC Observer.  PART 1PART 2

At the end of the day, Anika feels that the arts can fix anything, and when that doesn’t work, there’s always duct tape.