When We Dead Awaken

Role: Properties Master, Hair and Makeup design.

Playwright: Henrik Ibsen

Directed by: Kirk Everist, Beardsley Theatre, 2013

Reflections on the project:

I was first brought on as Properties Master, which ended up involving a lot of food. Being a period piece, we didn’t want anything to pull people into the modern world, so a lot of our props had to be altered to look older. Ulfheim’s game bag was a lot of fun to make, with a lot of fur and fake blood and mud. Like wise with his dogs, we made a special, extra long leash. One end was held by Lars, the other was held offstage by the two Assistant Stage Managers and my props assistant. The biggest challenge was a special request of the director. He wanted paper lilies that could be picked apart each night. This meant making at least 40 lilies per dress rehearsal and performance, so we made as many as we could in one sitting, and then made the rest day of.

Hair was a little simpler. I already had knowledge of doing hairstyles from this period, so it was simply a matter of picking styles that matched the characters. For Maya, we did a birds nest bun at the back of her head, with certain strands of hair curled and placed in a way that could be easily removed, so she could have the disheveled look she needs in the second act. Irene got a more formal, classic pompadour, with intricate braids and similarly placed hairs designed to come down for the final scene. The deaconess had virtually the exact same hairstyle, but it stayed the same throughout the show. And finally, the men were generally left to their own devices, slicking back their hair for the period. But we had Rubek part his hair differently in the second act, removed what grey we had sprayed in the first act, and tried to give him a younger, freer look.

Lizzy Ana Lincoln as Irene and Mateo Ervin as Rubek. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman


Lizzy Ana Lincoln as Irene. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman.
Missy Lyttle as Maya and Mateo Ervin as Rubek. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman.
Amy Anderson and Lizzy Lincoln backstage. Photo Credit: Suzanne Francis
Anika Payne, Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Katherine Ailshire and Missy Lyttle backstage. Photo Credit: Suzanne Francis.


Anika Payne, Lizzy Ana Lincoln, Stefany Cruz, and Suzanne Francis backstage. Photo Credit: Stefany Cruz.
Julio Torres as Lars, Cody Edwards as Ulfheim, Mateo Ervin as Rubek, Harrison Wilke as The Hotel Manager, and Missy Little as Maya. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman.



Mateo Ervin as Rubek, Missy Lyttle as Maya. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman.
Lizzy Ana Lincoln as Irene and Mateo Ervin as Rubek. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman.


Lizzy Ana Lincoln as Irene and Mateo Ervin as Rubek. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Oltman.