Something Like Penguins

Written by Levi Wilson

This was my first time directing a One Act, as part of my final project for my school’s directing course. We had three weeks and a limited amount of rehearsal time to put the show together, so I couldn’t waste time. I was lucky enough to get great three actors that all had great physicality, which worked really well with the show, but it was hard to get them to understand they could push the boundaries. Not that I wanted the show to come off as a farce, but I wanted the comedy to be a bit more evident, since the show was so short.

We also spent a lot of time working on character work, because if each of these characters wasn’t fully fleshed out within the first few minutes of the play, the whole show would fall flat. Each of my actors met with me for lunch to go over character development, and then we all got together for dinner to go over each character and their relationship to the others.

I think one of my favorite things about this show was hearing people’s opinions on who Heather (Noelle Low) should have ended up with, Eli (Ryan Stoll) or Daniel (Reed Cook). Each reason was different, and they all surprised me.


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Photos by Elizabeth Oltman