a feminine ending

Written by Sarah Treem

Austin College 2014

This was my first time directing a full length play. Because of the small cast, we had several rehearsals devoted to world building between the characters. Due to music composition being so present in the script, we asked the music department to help us understand the flow and composition of classical pieces, and thus the show.

I wanted to put a different twist on the play, so I invented a new character to represent Amanda’s subconsciousness and add live music to the show. I brought on a fellow student, Phillip Friedman, who was known for his improvisational abilities on the piano. He helped with the audition process, and once rehearsals began he worked closely with Amanda, played by Sarah Wilhelm. Together they found responses to Amanda’s surroundings, and developed a rapport that really added to the show, and Philip’s constant stage presence was a great representation of Amanda being caught up in her thoughts.

Additionally,  I had our preshow music performed concert style by Keaton Raney, who played Jack. I wanted the audience to see why Amanda would have fallen in love with him. Keaton played covers of popular love songs on his ukulele, and came up with a few original songs as well.

The only recorded music used in the show was during the finale, when Amanda, completely alone for the first time, finds a moment of peace and finally hears the orchestra warming up to play her orchestra.


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Photos by Elizabeth Oltman